New partnership! Screen Innovations

We are proud to announce that the Bond team and SI Labs worked together to develop an integration between the Bond Bridge Pro and TRO.Y – Screen Innovations’ IP Control and commissioning gateway for unified control for the Screen innovations 485, Zigbee and RTS shades and screens.

With the Bond Bridge Pro you can

Control all wired and wireless shades motors 

Communicate and control Screen Innovations’ products

Enjoy a range of 3,500 sq. ft.

“Now, every product that SI produces can be controlled in a single Bond Home app. This includes draperies, shades, smart plugs, smart outlets, outdoor outlets, smart light switches, indoor and outdoor projection screens, pop-up Ultra short throw screens, and screen masking systems.” 

Michael Braithwaite – Screen Innovations’ CTO

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Bond Bridge Pro

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“In addition to the many benefits that our new joint-integration brings to SI dealers, it also represents a first for Bond – the ability to now control Zigbee motors from leading companies such as Somfy and Current Luxury with Alexa voice control in the Bond Home App. If you are a dealer that buys from us yet are not currently using SI, you should consider this combined Bond/SI solution.” 

Zohar Shinar – Bond’s CTO