Bond Bridge

Add Wi-Fi to ceiling fans, fireplaces and Somfy shades

Bond Bridge

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Model BD-1000

Works with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings

Remote Control via Bond Home app

Works with iPhone or Android

No installation needed

Smart home functionality without breaking the bank

Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks

Connect your entire house. Easy setup, no wiring and no installation. Voice control with Smarts Speakers. Easy setup. Bond works as a bridge between Wi-Fi the remote's recorded signals. Bond Home App. Use the Bond Home App to control everything from your phone. One Bond Bridge per home. A single Bond Bridge can cover the entire area of a house. Remote control from anywhere. Be able to control everything even from outside your home.

21 Reviews for Bond Bridge

21 reviews for Bond Bridge

  1. Brian Hodson

    I have been using the Bond Bridge for just over a year. It works great with our three ceiling fans, with light fixtures on each.
    I just got it to work on our storm shutters, as a generic device, but look forward to them expanding their “Shades” database.

  2. Zayne Ladak

    bond is great I have had it for about a year and it never fails me. the only thing that I wish worked was to have the garage door

  3. Todd S

    Bought the bond bridge a few days ago. Despite concerns that it wouldn’t connect to a hidden WIFI network, it does! And stays perfectly connected thus far. Seemless integration with three ceiling fans w/ lights that dim in 3 rooms and 10 circuits of somfy shades. LOVE IT. Mirrored the SOMFY remotes where each shade is a channel and the last channel controls all shades, so i can voice control them independently or together without Google Home routines, but did google home routines for other shade combinations NOT doable via SOMFY remote. Highly recommend!

  4. Archie Stewart

    Have now used a handful of these mostly on Somfy shades but also on the occasional fireplace, RF output range is very good, very easy to setup and use, very affordable.

  5. SgtB

    Over 2yrs and love the device but need to update range. My further ceiling fans sometimes don’t receive the signal as designed

  6. dew dew

    Working great. Live in Florida. Hooked up five lanai screens and four ceiling fans.

  7. Capper

    Neighbors fan on same frequency, I’d come back after work and my fan would be on full. Fan is too high for me to switch code, solution? Bond Bridge. THANK YOU! this has worked very well. Super easy setup and remote connection. I also have a problem with my security cameras going off line during electrical storms. Again solution? Bond Bridge- Bought some Wemo plugs and they easily connected. Now when I am away I have the ability to stop the fan, turn on the lights, and reboot the cameras. Easy to use the app. Thank you for this product, as I like to monitor my home not Alexa nor Google nor Apple.

  8. PJR

    I have the hub controlling 4 separate fans/lights. Works like a charm. Great integration into echo/google/smartthings.

  9. Joe

    This Bond bridge works like magic. My 2 old dumb fans are now smart !

  10. Aaron W.

    I love it! It was so simple to setup and it works great with our ceiling fans.

  11. Allen Hancock

    I have a three story house. The Bond is setup in the middle floor, and reliably controls the ceiling fan and lights on all floors. Super happy I bought this.

  12. Robert Hamilton

    Fantastic! This thing beams right through 2 floors of our house, controls 3 different fans and our fireplace. Works slick and easy. Integrates with Alexa. Love it. Now let’s get that garage door function working!! Thanks guys!

  13. Jim Hennessy

    Have been extensively researching options for Somfy shade control with extreme frustration. Discovered Bond and decided to give it a try. Could not be more pleased. Seamless and simple integration to multiple Somfy shades and Google Home. It works absolutely perfectly with scheduled operation and voice control. Great solution.

  14. Hamish Guthrey (verified owner)

    This is a simple way to integrate RF blinds into a Control4 system when matched with Domosapiens’ Advanced Blind Control driver. Highly recommended

  15. Neal

    I’m pretty happy with my bond bridge. Your device is the only one, that im aware of, that can control a DC motor fan with the controller built into the fan. You should consider using your technology to make a programable wall mount controller. You would have the only universal wall controller that works with those types of DC motor fans.

  16. James Pravetz

    I’m controlling 16 fans using Bond Bridge and Home Assistant (HA) and it works really well. Whereas I occasionally have trouble with other integrations with HA, I don’t have any trouble with Bond Bridge. The fans are on two levels in a steel structure. Only one fan that is very far away has trouble connecting, which is better coverage that I was expecting. Now if I could just control my Frigidaire A/Cs with this too (hint 🙂 )!

  17. Brian

    Works perfectly with my google home. I have 3 ceiling fans that are currently synced. Living room, and 2 bedrooms that are 20-25 feet from bond not a problem.

  18. Nick Wanerka

    I love the Bond bridge and look forward to receiving my Bond pro. Every control4 home automation installation my company does, we include a Bond bridge in every package! Makes our integrators lives so much easier. Use the chowmain modular and setting it up with control4 is a breeze. Plus the homeowner now only has 1 app to deal with instead of app jumping.
    Keep up the great work Bond!!

  19. Charles

    Quite simply the easiest most cost effective way to add smart home features to an array of products. I’ve used it to control 6 ceiling fans, and the range has been substantially further than advertised, working from the opposite corner of a 3400 sq ft house.

    Oh, and their support rocks too! I’m not sure how they offer such great service for such a low price.

  20. James Buchanan

    I’ve been told by my C4 dealer they can’t control my fans and fireplace. Finding Bond I see you can, and that you integrate with C4! Looking forward to pointing the dealer / installer to your info!

  21. John Albrektson

    I have a Bond bridge and it has truly exceeded my expectations. I use it to control an Airscape Whole House fan that is quite old (18 years, perhaps) and uses a very custom RF remote. The Bond found the frequency, and now I can easily schedule fan events or just say, “Hey Google, turn on whole house fan” and it works. I use it with another old ceiling fan with an RF remote (wall mounted) and again, the voice control is fabulous. My only glitch is that Samsung Smartthings doesn’t “see” the whole house fan, but I think that’s a glitch with Smartthings, not Bond

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