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Bond Bridge

Creating a smart home shouldn’t break the bank. Now you can make your older appliances smart – without replacing them!

Bond Bridge

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Bond Bridge allows you to control non-smart devices from your phone. With Bond Bridge, you can also connect your devices to your smart speakers, like Amazon Echo and Google Home. There is no installation needed, just a quick set up that will connect Bond Bridge to your home’s Wi-Fi.

• Compatible with ceiling fans, fireplaces, and shades.
• Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home.
• Controls up to 30 ceiling devices.
• Full ceiling fan functionality: on/off, speed and light.
• Smart fan solution, timer, and upgrade-able features.
• Remotely control devices from anywhere.
• Free App for iOS or Android.
• Beautiful and slim design.
• Easy, one-button set up.
• No rewiring needed.
• Amazing range of reach.
• Makes life more convenient!

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9 Reviews for Bond Bridge

9 reviews for Bond Bridge

  1. Alexandra Gebhardt

    Bond Bridge is a fast easy way to connect your ceiling fans to Alexa.

  2. Brian Hodson

    I have been using the Bond Bridge for just over a year. It works great with our three ceiling fans, with light fixtures on each.
    I just got it to work on our storm shutters, as a generic device, but look forward to them expanding their “Shades” database.

  3. Zayne Ladak

    bond is great I have had it for about a year and it never fails me. the only thing that I wish worked was to have the garage door

  4. Todd S

    Bought the bond bridge a few days ago. Despite concerns that it wouldn’t connect to a hidden WIFI network, it does! And stays perfectly connected thus far. Seemless integration with three ceiling fans w/ lights that dim in 3 rooms and 10 circuits of somfy shades. LOVE IT. Mirrored the SOMFY remotes where each shade is a channel and the last channel controls all shades, so i can voice control them independently or together without Google Home routines, but did google home routines for other shade combinations NOT doable via SOMFY remote. Highly recommend!

  5. Archie Stewart

    Have now used a handful of these mostly on Somfy shades but also on the occasional fireplace, RF output range is very good, very easy to setup and use, very affordable.

  6. SgtB

    Over 2yrs and love the device but need to update range. My further ceiling fans sometimes don’t receive the signal as designed

  7. dew dew

    Working great. Live in Florida. Hooked up five lanai screens and four ceiling fans.

  8. Capper

    Neighbors fan on same frequency, I’d come back after work and my fan would be on full. Fan is too high for me to switch code, solution? Bond Bridge. THANK YOU! this has worked very well. Super easy setup and remote connection. I also have a problem with my security cameras going off line during electrical storms. Again solution? Bond Bridge- Bought some Wemo plugs and they easily connected. Now when I am away I have the ability to stop the fan, turn on the lights, and reboot the cameras. Easy to use the app. Thank you for this product, as I like to monitor my home not Alexa nor Google nor Apple.

  9. PJR

    I have the hub controlling 4 separate fans/lights. Works like a charm. Great integration into echo/google/smartthings.

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