Breeze Pro

Smart triggers for your outdoor screens & louvers

Breeze Pro


SKU: 860011078005

Model BWS-1000

Automatically control your outdoor louvers and screens based on wind speed, rain, or sunlight intensity measurements.

Require the Bond Bridge Pro as a HUB

Real time In-App weather data, signal strength and battery status (every 10 seconds)

Can be linked to control multiple screens, louvers, and shutters via the Bond Home app

Power options: Solar powered, 2xAA Batteries, and 12VDC when operating under 35ºF (optional)

Installed on a 1” pole

IP67 rated


No, the Breeze Pro cannot directly control a screen or louver. You need to pair the Breeze Pro with a Bond Bridge Pro. Once paired, the Breeze Pro will trigger the Bond Bridge Pro to send a control signal to the screen or louver.

Yes. Once the Breeze Pro is paired with a Bond Bridge Pro, you can use the app to trigger as many screens and louvers as you wish.

No, Breeze Pro can't control your screens and louvers directly. It will detect when a threshold is met (example: wind speed reached 40 mph) and communicate with Bond Bond Bridge Pro to send control signals to your screens and louvers.

Yes, if a wind threshold is met, there will be no lockout for manual control via the app or remote control, but there will be a 4-hour lockout on automated controls, such as schedules.

For example, if a threshold of 40 mph to close the louver roof is met at 2 pm, a scheduled open command for 3 pm will be ignored. However, the user will still be able to manually control the screens at 3 pm (or at any other time), unaffected by the lockout period.

Wind, rain, and light readings from the Breeze Pro are shown live in the Bond Home app after the Breeze Pro has been paired with the Bond Bridge Pro. The readings update every 10 seconds.

The Breeze Pro screen on the Bond Home app also displays the status of the device, informing the user about any connection, range, or battery-related issues.

Yes. The Bond Home app allows you to simulate the active weather triggers. When you simulate a trigger, the Bond Bridge Pro will send the corresponding signals to the relevant screen or louver system without activating the lockout period.

Yes, the Breeze Pro can run on batteries only. However, to ensure proper operation under 38ºF, you will need to connect it to 12V DC. This connection activates an internal heater to prevent the sensor from freezing.

12V DC is required if you want the Breeze Pro to operate correctly under 38ºF. This allows an internal heater to activate, preventing the sensor from freezing.

Yes, you can use two Breeze Pros with a single Bond Bridge Pro.

Breeze Pro uses its own internal measurement scale to simplify the threshold setting process. It goes from 0 to 8, following the table below:

0 - Dark
1 - Twilight
2 - Deep Shade
3 - Shade
4 - Light Shade
5 - Light Sunlight
6 - Sunlight
7 - Bright Sunlight
8 - Brightest Sunlight

The Breeze Pro rain sensor is based on three haptic sensors and a humidity sensor at the top of the unit. This means that the Breeze pro can only detect rain drops and does not measure total rainfall or precipitation. To test the sensor you will have to drizzle water on the top of the unit for more than 10 seconds.