Olibra & Firedome Awarded BIRD Foundation Grant to Transform Traditional Consumer Electronics Devices Into Connected Home Cyber Guardians

New York, NY, July 22, 2020 – Olibra, an IoT technology company adding connectivity to products across several verticals, providing contactless control and integrations with home automation systems, together with Firedome, provider of an advanced privacy, cybersecurity and insights platform tailor-made for IoT device brands, are pleased to announce they have been awarded a special grant from BIRD (Israel-U.S Binational Industrial Research and Development) Foundation to pursue joint development for a connectivity and security hardware solution, to control and secure often overlooked home appliances.

The Bond Pro BD-2000 is a product that is designed specifically for the custom and professional installers market. We see that even in high-end home installations where Control4, Crestron, Savant, RTI and URC A/V home automation systems are used, there are connectivity gaps. These gaps are for appliances such as ceiling fans, fireplaces, motorized shades and more. The BD-2000 will bring connectivity and security in one package and allow the homeowner to extend our security features to the whole home network

Olibra and Firedome’s BD-2000 smart bridge will both capitalize on increased demand for, and reduce barriers to, connectivity, while capturing the market of security concerned buyers. By combining proactive cybersecurity and a connectivity platform for non-smart appliances in a hardware solution that protects more than just WiFi devices, pro installers and DIY consumers now have the ultimate solution for smart and secure control on the widest range of devices.

“We are excited to win the BIRD grant together with our partner Firedome. We have been using IoT technologies to provide solutions for the connectivity gaps in the smart home, and the opportunity to marry the advanced cybersecurity capabilities that Firedome is developing will bring significant value to our users and partners.” said Zohar Shinar, Olibra Co-Founder, and CEO.

“We are honored to win this grant from the renowned BIRD Foundation and even more excited to work with our valued partner Olibra on this joint vision. Olibra and Firedome’s complementary solutions enable appliance manufacturers to maximize revenue and differentiation by resolving consumer privacy and security concerns on the widest range of devices, using our synergistic “smart and secure” hardware bridge solution” said Moti Shkonik, Firedome Co-founder and CEO.

About Olibra

Olibra is an IoT technology innovator offering both an IoT connectivity platform and smart home products that fill the connectivity gaps in today’s smart home, in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. Their flagship product, the Bond Bridge, is sold around the globe with leading retailers, and its IoT platform (SBB – Smart By Bond) is becoming a household name in mass-produced low-cost appliances.

About Firedome

Firedome is an IoT privacy, security, and insights platform that helps IoT device brands grow revenue by resolving top consumer privacy and security concerns. We offer cyber protection, actionable marketing insights, and activation tools to help brands acquire certifications (e.g. UL) and market them to promote superior security at the point of sale.

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