New partnership! Wall-Smart

We are excited to announce the first in-wall mounting solution for the Bond Bridge Pro with WALL-SMART! With the WALL-SMART Uni-inwall flush mount, now the Bond Bridge Pro can be hidden inside a ventilated, moisture resistant cavity in the wall.
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“We designed the Bond Bridge Pro to mount on the wall or ceiling. While it is sleek in design and unobtrusive, being able to completely conceal the Bridge is an appealing option. Now, thanks to WALL-SMART, custom installers in both residential and commercial industries can easily hide the Bond Bridge Pro inside the wall, further benefiting the décor. Installers can be confident that the Bond Bridge Pro’s range will not be affected in this enclosure, as one unit can still easily cover a 3,500 sq. ft home,” says Bond CEO Zohar Shinar.
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