Sidekick for Shades

5-channel Shade Keypad

Sidekick for Shades


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Wireless flush mount shade remote.

Communicates directly with the shade.

Works with Somfy, Rollease, Dooya, Nice, and many more.

Estimated 10-year battery life.

Install with or without a workbox (flush mount).

5-channel control.

Set up shade limits – no manufacturer remote required.

This version of Sidekick does not support Scene Keypad functionality.

*Battery life is estimated based on using a sidekick to cycle a shade once a day.

Custom engraving is available for Sidekick. Click here.

Compatible motors

somfy logoRTS Roller Mode Lights & Blinds Tilt Mode
rollease logoARC
nice logoGreen LED interior motors/F-Code
dooya logoBi-Directional & Uni-Directional
amp logo
aok logo
gaposa logoUSA Motors
motion blinds logoCoulisse
powershades logo


You do not need a workbox. Sidekick can be flush-mounted on the wall with a mounting plate and anchors that are included. The plate is designed to also fit onto an existing workbox if that is preferred.

Sidekick is a remote control that communicates directly with the shade and optionally sends state feedback to Bond Bridge Pro (BD-1750). Sidekick does not work with Bond Bridge (BD-1000).

Sidekick has a communication range of 3,500 sq. ft. and as long as the shade and Bond Bridge Pro are within this range, Sidekick will be able to communicate with both of them.

With moderate use of about 2--3 times a day, the battery should last for 10 years.

Go to the Bond Home app and navigate to the device you want to pair with a specific channel on Sidekick. Then open the Device Settings menu and choose Manage Sidekicks. Then just press and hold the relevant channel button on Sidekick and you will get a confirmation in the app that the channel is paired.
You have to pair channel by channel to a specific device on the Bond Bridge Pro.

Go to the Bond Home app, navigate to the device from which you want to unpair the Sidekick, open Device Settings and choose Manage Sidekicks. Now swipe to the left on any of the paired Sidekick channels and tap Delete.

Absolutely! Limits can be set the same way you set them up with a Decoflex or Telisremote control.

You can rely on Sidekick to set up a Somfy shade with limit settings and full functionality.

No problem. Sidekick will continue to directly control your shades even if there is no Wi-Fi connection. If your shades are battery-powered, Sidekick will work even during a power outage.. Sidekick does not require a Bond Bridge Pro in order to control a shade.

Yes! Feel free to bring use own plate. Sidekick fits standard rocker-style switch plates.

Bring it on! You can set some channels to control Somfy RTS, while other channels control another motor brand such as Rollease ARC.