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The Bond and Bond App

Your home is already SMART

BOND turns your existing appliances to SMART in seconds.

So how does it work?


Download the app.


Point your old remote at the BOND and wait for the light to turn blue.


Control your appliances from your phone or any smart device.

We keep it simple - No hardware to install

The Bond

Key Features

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    Control your appliance from your phone from everywhere.

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    Set target temperature.

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    Scheduling and events.

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    Measure temperature, humidity and light.

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    Light control.

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    Coexist with your old appliance remote control.

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    Control up to 6 different appliances.

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    Home automation integration.

  • Control Your Appliances

    Split and Window A/C

    Motorized Shades


    Motorized Windows

    Electric Fireplace

    Smart Together

    The BOND is compatible with best in class home automation platforms for best value and energy savings.

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  • If I change the state of the appliance with my old remote will the BOND reflect that in the app?

    Yes. The BOND is also listening to your old remote. This is assuming you have used the remote less than 50ft away from the BOND.

  • Do I need to have the BOND and the appliance in the same room?

    It depends. If your remote is an RF remote, then the BOND does not need to be at the same room with your appliance. If your remote is an IR remote, then yes, because you will need to have the BOND to have line of sight with the appliance you are trying to control. Do not worry about all this tech talk... the BOND app will tell you once your remote is detected if have to have the BOND at the same room or not.

  • Can I still use my old appliance remote after I set up the BOND to control the appliance?

    Yes, BOND and your old remote can both control the appliance at the same time.

  • My remote is intermittent, how will this affect the BOND ?

    The BOND will perform as good as or better than your remote.

  • How close does the BOND need to be from my WiFi router?

    The same as any other device you are connecting to WIFI. The BOND app will show you how strong the WiFi signal is that the BOND is receiving.

  • How does WiFi network changes affect the BOND?

    The BOND is just like any other device connected to the WiFi network in your house or office. If you have changed the password the phone App will let you know that the BOND can not connect and will ask for a new password. If you changed the WiFi network router/ modem you will have to reconnect the BOND to the network the same way you have when first introducing the BOND to your network.

  • What happens if there is internet outage?

    If you have programmed a schedule the BOND will continue to control the appliances per the schedule. The communication between the BOND and your appliance is not based on WiFi. However, you will need the WiFi network up and running in order to re program or just control the appliance from your phone.

  • Need more help? Check out the user guide.

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