User Tip: Light State Tracking with Alexa & Google Assistant

Are you having trouble controlling your ceiling fan lights when using BOND with Alexa or Google Assistant? Users have voiced their concern that when they tell Alexa to turn the fan light on, it will actually turn the light off. This happens when the remote is a “toggle control”, where it sends the same command to the ceiling fan to change the light state without taking into account whether it is already “on” or “off”.

We have a feature that will help prevent the BOND turning the ceiling fan light to the wrong state when using an integration (Alexa, Google, IFTTT) for light control. This feature is called Light State Tracking and you can activate it by following the information below.

What is Light State Tracking

This applies to a ceiling fan light that only has a Light Toggle RF signal, not discrete ON/OFF signal. This can create a problem where you ask Alexa, Google or IFTTT to turn a light ON when it is already ON, and the BOND then will send the toggle signal which will actually turn the device OFF.

Our solution to this problem is, to keep track of the state of the device on our server, and do not send the Toggle signal if we think the device is already in the requested state.

If you are using the remote along with the BOND application and or an integration, you may not want to use this feature as the BOND belief state may not be correct.

Enable Light State Tracking

1) From the BOND application main menu, select the settings cog.




2) Select “Track State of Toggle Lights” to turn it on.










3) Select OK to acknowledge how this operates.








4) The slider (checkbox in Android) indicates the function is on.

If the state of the light is not correct, light is off and BOND application shows it is on, press and hold the light icon in the application for 2 seconds and it will change so they are both in sync again.
If you often use the factory remote control, you may not want to use Light Gating as the BOND’s state will get out of sync with the fan.

We implemented an advanced feature in BOND settings that allows users to turn on light gating. This means that if the light of the ceiling fan is already on and the user asks Alexa to turn it on BOND will ignore that command and leave the fan light on. More information and is available in this Knowledge Base Article “Light State Tracking”.