Olibra Introduces Smart by Bond Technology

As part of the national rollout, our partner Minka Aire will ship select ceiling fans with integrated Smart by Bond technology to link its fans to the smart home ecosystem

We’re excited to introduce our newest technology, Smart by Bond (SBB), a WiFi module and Bond phone app that allows third-party devices instant integration and voice recognition with Alexa and Google Home. Olibra’s partner, the Minka Group, makers of stylish ceiling fans under the Minka Aire label, will be the first of many vendors installing SBB technology into its current and future product lineups. Select models of Minka Aire ceiling fans will include SBB technology, providing a seamless user experience that marries the fashionable form factor of Minka Aire fans with the convenience of smart home technology.

“Smart by Bond is the difference between a connected fan and a smart ceiling fan,” said Zohar Shinar, Founder and CEO of Olibra. “A connected fan turns the fan on and off. A smart fan enables full functionality of the fan in the app and with voice speakers, as well as full brand recognition, ability to troubleshoot, and shop for more products within the app.”

The Smart by Bond technology offers consumers full compatibility with voice-activated smart speakers (including Amazon Echo and Google Home), and integration with other smart home controls via IFTTT. It also allows for control away from home; setup takes just minutes.

Olibra’s Bond Bridge and Smart by Bond technology enable mobile control of appliances that haven’t been connected in the past, including ceiling fans, window and portable AC units, evaporative coolers, electric fireplaces, garage doors, and power shades. Through the mobile app, Bond allows users to customize functionality including speed settings, temperature, lights and other controls.

Shinar states the following advantages of Smart by Bond technology for brand partners:

  • Olibra provides expertise for system design, development, manufacture, launch and maintenance.
  • No recurring costs for ongoing hardware and software maintenance and upgrades.
  • SBB eliminates long product development cycles, helping companies deliver a finished solution to market faster.
  • Olibra provides all testing and product certifications necessary to deliver to market.
  • The Bond App provides an enhanced user experience, customized data analytics and direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities to build brand loyalty.