How Your Ceiling Fan Can Save You Money This Summer

Did you know that your ceiling fan can do more than just light up a room and blow gentle breezes throughout your home? When setup properly, it can actually help you save at least $30 a month by reducing the duration of “on” cycles of your air conditioner compressor by 10 percent, cut energy consumption as well as proportionally downsize the carbon footprint of your house.


Ceiling Fans work according to the same principles that make a windy winter day feel even colder than the reading on the thermometer. Wind chill results from the movement of air across the skin that disperses body heat and evaporates perspiration, intensifying the perception of coolness.

Ceiling fans move large volumes of air at low velocity. In summer cooling mode, the fan directs air straight down into a room, exposing occupants to continuous air circulation and actually creating a limited indoor version of wind chill. Your room may feel up to 5 degrees cooler due to the fan chill factor.

How to setup your fan for Summer:

In the summer, you want the fan to go in a counterclockwise direction, also known as the forward direction. This helps drive air down toward the room’s occupants. Most modern ceiling fans have a switch that controls the direction the fan moves. Fans with remote controls have a button for that function, as well. You may also see this function in your Bond App.

In the winter, change the blade direction to clockwise. This is also know as the reverse direction. Blades moving in this direction draw cooler air up toward the ceiling, displacing the hot air that tends to collect at ceiling level. By bring the hot air down into the room, there’s less need to run the heating system, which lowers energy bills.

The Net Result

Once you are sure your fan is running in the right direction, you can increase the temperature of your central or window air conditioners without any loss of room comfort. The fan helps maintain the room temperature while your air conditioner uses significantly less energy!

More tips!

Wish you could automatically adjust / turn-on your fan when the room temperature changes? You can by setting up your Bond with these IFTTT applets:

Start your ceiling fan when your Ecobee Thermostat says it’s too hot
Activate your fan when Nest says the room is too hot
Turn on your ceiling fan when the weather’s hot

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