GE Smart Switch Fan Control vs. Bond Bridge

We often get questions from potential BOND Home users on how BOND differs from some of the other smart home fan controlling products in the market so we thought we’d put our notes and observations together here to help you make an informed choice when selecting which product would best fit your needs. In this article, we are specifically going to look at the GE Smart Switch Fan Control vs. the BOND Home.

Setting up your home automation system can take a lot of planning and finding the right products that work within your unique home environment can be quite frustrating. If you received an Amazon Echo or Google Home device for the holidays by now we’re sure you are quite overwhelmed at the vast array of choices available to you which will allow you to add voice control to your devices and appliances. We’ve heard this from many of you, and many of you have asked us why it may be better to use BOND Home instead of a smart switch.

Benefits of using BOND Home:

  • Setup is quick and easy, no hardware installation (in-wall) required.
  • Works directly with Amazon Echo/Google home as a skill / action.
  • A single $99 device controls up to 6 ceiling fans or other devices such as remote-controlled fireplaces.
  • BOND Home connects directly to your home WiFi network covering around 2,500 sq. ft of home – do not need extenders. If your home is larger or indoor/outdoor spaces usually adding an additional BOND will provide enough connectivity range.
  • Does not require a separate hub such as SmartThings using Z-Wave to communicate with your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home.
  • Connects to hubs like SmartThings, Nest, Ecobee using IFTTT applets for rules-based automation tasks.
  • Additional appliances (when supported) will be added via app software updates – stay tuned for fireplaces and motorized shades.

See BOND Home in Action:


Compare Setup/Installation/Use to GE Smart Switch Fan Control:

Additional Install video for GE Smart Switch Fan Control here: