Why we created Bond Bridge

Have you wondered why we created Bond Bridge? Any time you aim to create something new and spend hundreds of hours working on it in a shop or a lab or an office, your friends and family are bound to ask: “Why?”

That’s a question we’ve gotten a lot this past year as we’ve been building and perfecting the Bond. The first answer is probably the most philosophical – we’re engineers at heart, and engineers can’t resist a difficult problem.

The problem we’re solving is certainly a difficult one. The home automation industry has largely ignored remote-controlled devices because of the huge integration challenge. Manufacturers have largely sidestepped the issue by building smart home electronics right into their top-end models. This is fine if you have unlimited amounts of cash, but it doesn’t solve the problem for the vast majority of consumers.

We found the integration issue to be a really exciting challenge, and we’re thrilled to have solved a problem that few would even touch. We were able to patent a technology that solves the proprietary RF “barrier” – the fact that so many RF remote-controlled devices work with their own frequencies or sets of frequencies.

The second answer is that there’s a real need for what we’re doing. Home automation, in general, has become a lot easier with the popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo. As more people get on board the IoT train, they’re going to want to be able to do more things with their devices.

In addition, there’s technology available now that wasn’t around even a few years ago that allows us to do more. Combine that with the network effect of more and more consumers having smart capabilities in their homes, you get a perfect storm of opportunity and possibility.

So now that we’ve solved the fundamental technology issues, we’re rolling out to various product categories, starting with the most common: ceiling fans and air conditioners. Then, shortly thereafter, we’ll continue to roll out to more and more products as we go.

Pretty soon, people will stop asking us “why” and just start enjoying a better home automation experience!