New! Control your Ceiling Fan Speeds with Google Home

Many of you have asked us to enhance the features and control you can use with your Google Home system. We have been working very closely with the Google Voice Actions development team and you can now use BOND Home to control fan speed via voice control with Google Assistant!

This is exciting news for many, and part of many new features we are adding to BOND Home.

Here is how you can easily add this functionality to your existing system:

To get the new feature, you must first unlink and re-link BOND account with your Google Assistant.

Once you have re-linked BOND account with Google Assistant you should be able to use the following commands to control your device.


When using Google Assistant:

When using voice control with Google Home:

Ok Google, set My Fan to Speed 3

Ok Google, set My Fan to Low

Ok Google, set My Fan to Hi

Ok Google, set My Fan to Medium

**Note – Low/Medium/Hi are “synonyms” for speeds.


For more information or troubleshooting you can visit our support forum at:


Or contact customer support at