Bond is Made to Rule Your Smart Home

Bond isn’t just your run-of-the-mill smart home accessory. It’s actually meant to add some Internet of Things utility to older devices that have no access to the internet. Is that even possible? It can do this by learning the signals from the different remotes and rebroadcasting them when prompted through Alexa or any other smart device. So, some may say this is the year of the comeback for the IR (Infra-Red) blaster. Bond simply works using Wi-Fi, and it has the ability to control both radio frequency and infrared devices. However, as with all infrared (IR) devices even in the past, they will always need line of sight to work properly, since infrared beams a sort of laser light towards the device in order for it to work. So while the old IR blaster systems were clunky affairs in the past, smart home functionality is now a simple solution with Bond, and this also beats buying expensive replacements as smart solutions.

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