Bond® Bridges Connectivity Gap for Ceiling Fans and Fireplaces | Solutions for Home Technology Pros at CEDIA 2018

One of the biggest challenges faced by home technology professionals and installers isn’t which smart home system to choose for their clients but how to find a solution that connects devices the homeowners already have. It’s relatively easy to design a comprehensive home automation system from a list of brand new compatible devices–the challenge begins when a homeowner loves the ceiling fan or fireplace they already own but want to control it within their smart home ecosystem. This is where BOND comes in!

BOND is an RF to Wi-Fi bridge that connects existing remote controlled ceiling fans and fireplaces to the core network providing the missing link that allows homeowners to keep their favorite appliances.  It works well in new construction homes or upgrades to existing properties. Home Tech Pros know all too well how difficult it can be to convince homeowners to make the upfront investment to switch to a new automation or security system. The BOND device can prove instant ROI and lower cost of ownership or switching costs by reducing this initial investment significantly by allowing clients to integrate multiple ceiling fans and fireplaces for ultimate room climate control.

For $99, BOND connects up to 6 fans or fireplaces within a 2,500 sq. ft. home/condo/office/etc. Since most existing remote-controlled ceiling fans are RF (radio frequency), the BOND doesn’t even have to be in the same room or line of sight. Setup is incredibly simple, the BOND connects to the Wi-Fi network via a smartphone app (compatible with Android or iOS), each remote is programmed with a range of available functions including speed, lights, temperature, etc. whatever the remote can do BOND lets you do with the smartphone app. This happens in minutes without special hardware or wiring installations. The smartphone app lets you now control these devices literally from anywhere in the world, adding convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.
BOND is a certified Amazon Echo and Google Home partner with built in skills and functions that automatically and instantly add voice control to the appliances that you thought you’d never be able to connect without replacing. You can even extend the automation by using special IFTTT applets that connect to other systems including Ecobee, Nest, SmartThings, Ring, and Weather Underground.
So if you are heading to CEDIA Expo this year, be sure to visit our BOOTH #2738 in Innovation Alley to see the BOND in action.