The $99 Tesla Experience

A friend of mine recently shared the experience of driving his new Tesla. (Although, no, he didn’t actually let me drive it) After going through all of the car’s specs in detail – its battery grid construction, torque, horsepower, etc. –  he went on to describe just how smart the car is. What was interesting to me was what he chose to prioritize.

Before talking about the adaptive cruise control or the self-parking feature, he first described how the Tesla can open and close the garage door hands free! It’s a great feature, to be sure, and something that any driver would enjoy.

I looked into it a little further. Tesla, like many cars today, comes with a home-link that enables garage door control. But of course, Tesla adds a few more bells and whistles. Tesla knows exactly when to open and close the garage door for you.

It’s a neat piece of technology that serves a very real purpose in drivers’ lives. And it made me feel good, because the BOND, which will soon be available for $99, can do the same thing and much more. That seamless experience will be available to anyone – even people who can’t spring for a Tesla just yet!